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Coat of Arms by G33k1nd159153 Coat of Arms by G33k1nd159153
This is a coat of arms I made upon learning the intricacies of heraldry. Rather this is the updated version of a CoA that I made 5 years ago.

GREEN- The main color for any charges since it generally symbolizes generosity which I try to be as often I can afford.

ASH LEAVES- My name is Ash so it's a worthy pun in my book and to double it up I actually am quite fond of the trees.

MJOLNIR- My Fathers last name (which I don't personally use but still honor) translates to "relic of Thor"

ENFIELD- That is a heraldic creature that has the head of a fox, front of an eagle, hind of a hound and the tail of a wolf. I picked it because I couldn't fin any references of foxes in that particular pose (rampant) but I have since grown fond of the beast and feel I can take a little meaning form each animal justly enough to use it.

ZEBRAS- The supporters are Zebras because the love of my life loves Zebras. Since she supports me it seems fitting that the supporters point to her.

SPEARS- Goes with my name again, what can I say I like name meanings. Ash means "spear" in it's farthest back of meanings.

FEDORA- I rock a Fedora. Sadly I don't have a decent one that fits now but I have worn one years and it was much more fitting than a helmet.

Motto is "Nulla reale, tutto lecito" I'm a fan of Assassins Creed and I feel the phrase has a very interesting meaning when looking at it from many different ways so since Motto classically appear in Latin I did Italian (close enough).

Anything I didn't explain is done for the sake of design.

Everything on this image is original and rendered from scratch by myself in Photoshop with the exception of the Fedora and the Zebras which came from here: [link]
and here:[link].
I remade both so the finished product is my work just blatant rip offs from other sources. The zebras are under creative commons so I have no remorse. I attempted to contact the individual who created the Fedora but was unable to. I make no plans to sell or make money off of this so I feel I am not violating anything legal.
Ienkoron Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013
Not too shabby, though a complex achievement looks better on a plain background so that your eyes are not focusing away from the shield.
G33k1nd159153 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was kind of going for the over the top cluster of everything look. Odd as that may sound it was actually to mimic many CoA I have seen over the years. A quick google search for "Coat of Arms" brings up many examples of what I am referring too.
Had this been anything else I be right behind you cause this is busy as all hell and against my better judgement normally.
Ienkoron Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
I know the type you mean, and aye they are overdone, and I even am not immune as I was reminded when making some 300px CoA's (my knuckles were duly rapped and the designs changed)
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